last update 2004/4/6

The Preparatory Meeting for Pellet Club Japan has been worked to prevail wood pellet through the workshops, business meetings, symposium, website and etc. since established in 2001. Thanks to membership's understanding and kind support, our membership has kept increasing. Now we have 364 memberships including 4 in overseas countries as of March 2004.

The circumstances of wood pellet in Japan had been rapidly changed in these three years. In fact, the number of wood pellet's plant has been increasing; 3 plants started their operation in 2002, 6 in 2003 and 2 in 2004. Production and sale of combustion appliances are also being in plentitude; there are 10 manufacturers and 7 importers of pellet stove, 2 manufacturers and 2 importers of pellet burner and 2 manufacturers and 3 importers of pellet boiler.

However, when we see the current situation of distribution and sale here in Japan, it can be found we're still in strict situation. Reinforcement of infrastructure and setting up the standardization for distributing wood pellet are required. Also, to make a coalition not as an individual manufacturer but as the trade and to make wood pellet's market grow are required for providing the information and dealing with troubles of customers which keep increasing, and deregulation. We think it is essential to make a network with NGOs/NPOs, works on woody biomass and emerges one after another throughout Japan, and to exchange the information with each other for that woody biomass become permanently established in Japan not as a mere boom.

In our symposium on March 5th, as well as verifying the contents and meaning of our activities, we declared dissolution of the Preparatory Meeting for Pellet Club Japan. Also, we announced establishment of "Pellet Club Japan" in the General Meeting 2003 on March 6.

3-years preparatory term to discuss about "how Pellet Club Japan should be?" with deliberating the Japan's failure 20 years ago and listening to internal and external opinions is over. From April 2004, we will start to work more actively as a newborn "Pellet Club Japan".

It would be greatly appreciated if we have your continuous understanding and support for our activities.

Steering Committee of Pellet Club Japan
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